Management Theory Practice

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Topic: Management Theory Practice Management Order ID: A2069927 Planning function management According to Homans (2008)) planning is deciding what to do, how to do it and who is to do it. Steps to be followed: Stating of objectives-the objectives should be clearly stated, precise, stated in quantitative terms, practical, acceptable, workable and achievable Establishing of planning premises Choice of alternative course of action Formulating derivative plans Securing cooperation Conducting follow up. Goals and strategies of Bp Company To continue being the world's largest solar energy provider company To produce quality products that can be used safely by customers and to consult with, hear, and give feedback to its customers and all interested groups Adapt to change by identifying opportunity and dealing with problems so that to be able to set the direction for the other functions of management for team work (Homans 2008). Legal, ethics and corporate social responsibility Legal issues arise within the organization or from outside. Legal issues are expensive to Bp and if not take into consideration can even lead to closedown of the company. Example the government can create international trading laws that could affect how companies conduct business overseas. Technology is another external factor that has great impact and should Ethics Ethics is of paramount importance, it builds trust in relationship with customers and business partners of BP. The Bp has

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