Management Theory : Quality Management

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A INVESITIGATIVE STUDY OF EFFICIENCY INTO QUALITY MANAGEMENT PROCESS 6 SIGMA Vs ACE (ACHIEVING COMPETITIVE EXCELLENCE) CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Back Ground 3. Alternatives 4. Proposed Solutions 5. Recommendations 6. Conclusions 7. References I. Introduction Total quality management is a management philosophy aimed at continuous growth in quality improvement of products, processes and services to achieve and surpass quality standards. It consists of strategic planning, organizing and implementing each process activity and of removing all the wasted effort and energy that is routinely spent. It is a methodology of strategic overview of quality and focus on prevention not detection of problems. In the early 1990’s companies started developing their own total quality Management principals. The most notable of all these new theories was Six Sigma which was developed by Motorola Corporation and later implemented by other industry giants like General Motors, Microsoft, Helwet-Packard etc., another significant new generation Quality management theory was ACE-(Achieving Competitive Excellence) developed by United Technologies Corporation(UTC). While 6 Sigma approach is data oriented in quality management of products, services, processes and customer experience, ACE approach is process improvement, waste elimination, skill improvement, problem solving and decision making tools. This investigative study deals with comparison of both 6 Sigma and
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