Management Theory and Practice

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There is no particular definition of an organization. Different authors have defined organization in different ways. Therefore, organization can be define as an institute where a group of people work together to achieve certain goals and objectives. Organization has a distinct purpose and follows a particular strategy to goals or set of goals. Whereas structure is the manner, in which something is build. This structure defines and limits the behavior of the members of an organization. In an organization to achieve certain objectives, a structure is very important. The structure of an organization can be different level of managers and how are they commanding their employees to work properly in an organization.
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Professional Bureaucracy- The professional bureaucracy relies for coordinating on the standardization of skills. Its main design parameters are training, horizontal specialization and decentralization. This gives a complex environment. 4. Divisionalised Form- This form dominated by products/outputs. Here the operational managers create group work and control performance of the subordinates that brings diversified market environment. 5. Adhocracy- Adhocracy shared dominance of core staff and support services and formed a mutual adjustment in the organization. Thus, the environment is complex/dynamic.

However, Charles Handy described four structures of an organization in terms of their culture. They are as follows:
The web structure is like a web with a ruling spider. Here all the powers centralized in the hands of a few key individuals. This structure is suited to small organizations.
The greek temple is based on functional specialists and defined roles, often referred to as a bureaucracy. This creates highly structured stable company including precise job descriptions, usually with a single product. The net is essentially a matrix organization where lines or functional units coordinate project teams. This emphasizes talent and youth, team problem solving such as consultancies.
The cluster or galaxy constructed around relatively independent and

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