Management Understanding The Culture Of The Organization

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Questions 2: Management Understanding the Culture of the Organization
Generally, it is good for a manager to understand the culture of the organization so the manager can gauge the organizational and occupational commitment, which includes job fulfillment and turnover (Claiborne et al., 2011). An employee can have occupational commitment, but not organizational commitment, or vice versa. The ability to understand both concepts will allows managers to better supervise employees and volunteers using administrative, educational, and supportive supervision. In addition, managers will be able to develop leadership skills because they will understand the potential and limits of their employees and volunteers (Patti, 2008).
Additionally, managers should understand the culture to assess the employees’ retention and turnover rates. Turnover rates can have a positive or negative association. For instance, high turnover rates may indicate that employees have large caseloads or a lack of leadership in management. On the other side, a high turnover rate may indicate that there is room to improve professional skills and either move on to a new agency or be promoted within the current agency. Still, managers must identify and understand the organization’s culture to properly assess which influences are causing employees to stay or leave (Ban et al., 2003). Moreover, managers should recognize how autonomy within the agency impacts the climate and the burnout rate (Claiborne et al., 2011).
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