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1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this report is to discuss and analyse the significant rise in absenteeism at the Manila, Philippines branch. The Manila branch is significant to Moda as it is a major product manufacturer and distributor. The output of the branch is crucial to supplying demand for Moda’s products to the global market and therefore it is imperative that this issue is addressed directly to avoid further complications. Furthermore, it will examine the planning and controlling managerial functions that are currently in place at the Manila branch and provide recommendations in order to effectively address this issue.

2.0 Problem Defined

Moda is unable to function effectively without the input of a cohesive workplace.
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However, it must be understood and incorporated into organisational planning in order to identify any threats that may prevent the business from achieving its goals.

An organisation is unable to perform to its full potential and grow as a global competitor without an overriding direction . Moda’s purpose is clearly outlined in the company’s mission statement: “We deliver superior customer value by providing low-cost, quality garments to individuals globally”. The planning process begins at the top of the management hierarchy and therefore Moda’s mission sets the overall policies and standards for the organisation as a whole. Moda’s head office benefits from a strict leave policy, whereby a certain number of ‘days off’ are given to employees in the case of personal needs. As a result, Moda’s plans assume that all employees will be present throughout the year.

By analysing planning as a function of management, it is apparent that there is an underlying issue with the policies at the Manila branch. Although Moda’s strategic planning may be effective in Brisbane, it does not taken into consideration Manila’s different external environment. Perhaps an alternative plan should be looked at which effectively meets the needs of employees at the Manila branch in order to maintain the same standard of quality positive internal culture.

3.3 Controlling

Koonts & Weihrich define controlling as, “Measuring and correcting individual and

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