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Chapter 2 1. ________ uses a set of integrated applications to address all aspects of the customer relationship.

Answer Selected Answer: CRM 2. Which type of system would you use to change a production schedule if a key supplier was late in delivering goods?

Answer Selected Answer: TPS 3. ESSs are designed to serve the middle management of the organization.

Answer Selected Answer: False 4. Supply chain management systems are more externally oriented than enterprise systems.

Answer Selected Answer: True 5. ESSs are designed to incorporate data about external events, but they also draw summarized information from internal MIS and DSS.

Answer Selected Answer: True
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Answer Selected Answer: True 19. Which systems are typically a major source of data for other systems?

Answer Selected Answer: transaction processing systems
20. Decision-support systems help managers make decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance.

Answer Selected Answer: True 21. Which of the following types of system helps expedite the flow of information between the firm and its suppliers and customers?

Answer Selected Answer: extranet 22. Managers need TPSs to monitor the status of internal operations and the firm 's relations with the external environment.

Answer Selected Answer: True 23. Executive support systems are information systems that support the

Answer Selected Answer: long-range planning activities of senior management. 24. Transaction processing systems are most commonly used by the senior management level of an organization.

Answer Selected Answer: False 25. Which of the following is an example of a cross-functional business process?

Answer Selected Answer: creating a new product 26. ESSs are designed primarily to solve specific problems.

Answer Selected Answer: False 27. Enabling management to make better decisions regarding organizing and scheduling sourcing, production, and distribution is a central feature of

Answer Selected Answer: SCMs

28. ________

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