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Assignment 1 Presentation Notes
Introduction: (Slide 1) * Introduction to the team
This assignment will be presented by the assignment team who you will shortly be introduced to. During the presentation the following topics will be covered: * What is meant by the term ‘Scientific management’ * Advantages and disadvantages of adopting Scientific management * An explanation and example of Marlow’s hierarchy * The use of Locke’s goal-setting theory and Herzerg’s 2 factor theory to motivate employees at work * Summary

Where did Scientific management come from? (Slide 3)

* Scientific Management is largely attributed to Frederick Winslow Taylor. (1856-1915)
Frederick Winslow Taylor was an American
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* Increased productivity
Scientific management introduces new and improved methods of production and removal of inefficiency. One of its main advantages is to affect a considerable increase in the level of production. Taylor carried out experiments on Pig Iron handlers and saw his principles improve productivity from 12.5 tons per man to 47-48 tons. * Increased company profits
This increase in productivity inevitably led to increased company profit. * A fair days pay for a fair days work
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