Management and Business Managers

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Questions & Answers: Lecture 1: Managing IT in an E-World 1. Define the mean of Information Technology, and discuss how the management of IT has changed? 2. Discuss the main changes of recent IT trends? 3. The Information Technology trends offered new ways for competition and new ways of working- Explain that? 4. Discuss how the Information Technology offers new ways of business competition? 5. Discuss how the Information Technology offers new ways of working? 6. Differentiate and explain the advantages & disadvantages for them : Free Agents & Virtual Teams ? 7. What means by IS? What are the three assets of technology ( 3 IT recourse) ? 8. Explain how can manage the IT recourses in modern…show more content…
Many retailers have used their Internet website to compete on cost. By offering sales transactions online, these businesses may decrease their expenses by eliminating physical stores, reducing holding inventory costs, and lowering the costs of individual transactions. Lowering costs also allows some retailers to better compete on price—a “low cost” strategy. The Internet has also allowed some businesses to compete using differentiation. One example of using the Internet to compete on product/service differentiation is The LEGO Group’s “LEGO Factory” ( With downloadable software customers can design their own custom LEGO models, upload their designs over the Internet, and then purchase a custom set of LEGO blocks that can be used to physically build the pre-designed model. In this way, The LEGO Group differentiates their offerings from its competitors who do not offer custom block sets. 6. What three IT assets have been identified as more important in today’s Internet age, and why? [Note: The three assets are presented in Figure 1.2] (Hard Copy of this chapter/figure) Figure 1.2: Three IT Asset Technology Assets, Relationship Assets, and Human Assets must all be managed effectively by IT leaders in modern IT organizations. The Technology Assets are becoming more complex and businesses are increasingly
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