Management and Hr Profession Map Essay

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Developing Professional Practice In this report I will demonstrate my understanding of what is required to be an effective and Efficient HR Professional and apply CPD techniques to devise, implement and review a Personal, Professional Development Plan. The report will explain how the CIPD HR Profession Map defines the HR profession, including the professional areas, the bands and the behaviours. I will also evaluate how the two core professional areas and two selected behaviours uphold the concept of “HR Professionalism”, by giving examples from the knowledge and activities at band 2. I will explain, with related examples, why HR professionals are required to manage themselves, groups and teams, manage upwards and across the…show more content…
The CIPD HR Profession Map describes what HR professionals need to do, what they need to know and how to do it within each professional area at four bands of professional competence. I will now briefly outline the professional areas: Organisation Design Ensures that the organisation is appropriately designed to deliver organisation objectives in the short term and long term and that structural change is effectively managed. Organisation Development is about ensuring the organisation has a committed ‘ft for the future’ workforce required to deliver strategic ambitions. It plays a vital role to ensure that the organisation culture, values and environment support and enhance organisation performance and adaptability. It also provides insight and leadership on development and execution of any capability; cultural and change activities. Resource and Talent Planning ensures that the organisation is able to identify and attract the key people with the capability to create competitive advantage to fulfil the ambitions of the business. ‘HR strategy, a ‘people plan’, that will help you ensure you have the right people in your business, at the right time with the right skills to ensure you achieve your business goals’. Learning and Talent Development Allows people at all level of the organisation possess and develop the skills, knowledge and experiences to fulfil the short and long term ambitions of the
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