Management and Hr Staff

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Unit 3HRC – Understanding Organisation and the Role of Human Resources

1.3 Political 1. UK government changes may impact upon the level of investment given to the manufacturing and construction sectors 2. Public Spending Cuts | Economic 1. Downturn in the economy has negatively affected the manufacturing and construction sector – resulting in some clients going out of business, and having implications upon credit insurance 2. The financial system remains vulnerable to setbacks in both the global economic recovery | Social 1. Increase in the number of jobs individuals have in their life time increases the need for information held about companies and contacts to be regularly updated 2. Health and Safety Act (1974) –
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Employees tell other customers about the history of the business. For example, they will tell the customers how the managing director started the company 25 years ago and he used to weld as well as take care of everything else. This shows that its valued within the organisation and then the customer will notice this. 3.1 There are many different activities which Human Resources staff have to undertake in Fabweld. Absence management is one of these. HR staff use RTW’s to track peoples absences. In a RTW it states what their This supports my organisations strategy as overall it will maintain workforce levels. It will benefit both employees and managers as it will create better productivity. If everybody’s absence levels are low, this will produce better teamwork as there will be more morale. It also benefits the employees as HR staff can track trends. For example, if an employee is off several times for the same reason they can offer support to this employee. Absence management can benefit the company as it can ensure they are meeting all of the legal requirements and make sure employees aren’t having too much time off. Induction is another activity HR staff carry out. If this is well planned it can be extremely beneficial. An induction can help a new employee feel more welcomed and part of the business. They can learn about the history of the business and also the businesses’ culture. This can benefit the
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