Management and Human Resource Development

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The Characteristics of Strategic Human Resource Development
1. Integration with organizational missions and goals
According to Garavan (1991), integration into business planning in order to contribute to corporate goals and missions of the organization are very crucial. One of Human Resource Development’s functions is to help in formation of business strategies for the organization and it is seen as a responsive and reactive role for strategic human resource development (McCracken & Wallace, 2000). Furthermore, the role of SHRD is to shape the organization strategy instead of simply supporting role.
Another role of Human Resource Development is to implement or form the corporate strategy. These tasks require them to link the corporate
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By analyzing and understanding the global environment is very important for an organization in order to be more flexible. Being flexible helps an organization to control and respond quickly to its surrounding, especially the external environment. This level focuses on a multiplicity of external factors that explain the role of SHRD in crisis management and generate particular SHRD initiatives (Wang, Hutchins & Garavan, 2009). There are three sets of component that must be understood in the context of global environment which are local conditions, national conditions and multinational conditions.
Local conditions basically focus on laws and protocol. For example, the organization might need to devise emergency planning processes to tackle potential crisis regarding the safety and health law (Wang, Hutchins & Garavan, 2009). Local conditions can be divided into two parts which are economic and political trends as well as industry characteristics. The organization must alert with the economic and political conditions within the country. For the industry characteristics, the organization must ensure that their products and services have its own uniqueness. They need to master the products and services very well where all information need to be in their fingertips. They also need to know the
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