Management and Internal Verification

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Unit CU3047

Unit 401

Understanding the Principles and Practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment

Unit 401 - Understanding the Principles and Practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment


The internal verifier is at the heartof quality assurance in N/SVQ’s, both within the national framework and within the quality and management systems of each approved centre. The role, in terms of managing assessment so that it consistently meets national standards, is central to maintaining public confidence in each and every N/SVQ issued. Therefore internal verification is a key factor in managing ‘risk’ and ensuring that when certificates
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Senior management support for IVs

This support flows from the broader commitment to quality management in the organisation as a whole, and includes the provision of resources. An understanding of the pivotal place of internal verification in quality assurance, and acknowledgement of the range of tasks undertaken by IVs, also serves to reinforce their organisational authority. Their training management role is maximised where their inside view of organisational training requirements is allowed to feed into the planning of staff development and training, with a range of specific benefits.

Career enhancement

The IV’s role is undermined where organisational recognition and career enhancement are denied. This results in a reluctance to undertake internal verification tasks, erodes IVs’ confidence in their organisations’ commitment to NVQ, and leaves IVs unconvinced that their organisational credibility is sufficient for their views to feed into wider quality contexts. IVs then feel that they are operating in isolation from the organisation’s wider quality aspirations. IVs identify benefits, organisational recognition and job enrichment that are incentives to undertake verification duties, and maximise their input into wider quality assurance.

It is possible to identify a set of baseline conditions that form an irreducible minimum framework within which IVs impact
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