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Leadership Practice Assignment During my research a lot of leadership and management theories I have read, watched and listened to in various fields have lead me to believe most come to the same conclusion. I have taken a wide range of examples which I feel to be the most relevant to me and my role. What is Management? This is in itself is open to debate in various cultures and practices as there are a number of different managers across all areas of life from a shift manager, upper, lower and middle management to a football club manager. To me a manager is an individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company. A manager often has a staff of people who report to him or her, but can also just be held…show more content…
Sims (2002) writes “managers motivate employees, direct the activities of others, select the most effective communication channel, or resolve conflicts among members, they are engaging in leading.” I have described leaders there attributes and responsibilities so taking this in mind can a leader make an effective manager? Referring back to a business educational website (businessballs) it states “good leadership always includes responsibility for managing. Lots of the managing duties may be delegated through others, but the leader is responsible for ensuring there is appropriate and effective management for the situation or group concerned.” As described earlier leaders can be found in all aspects of life and business for example a leader of a small business may also be the managing director, where they are also responsible for the task carried out primarily by managers, tasks include measuring and reporting performance, problem-solving and improving productivity and efficiency. Although the leader's main goal is to drive and lead the business forward the need to manage is within the capabilities. Dependant on the role I feel it is both beneficial for a leader to have managerial attributes and to be an effective manager, having leadership qualities I feel is also necessary. "Leadership is more about change, inspiration, setting the purpose and direction, and building the enthusiasm, unity and 'staying-power' for the journey ahead. Management

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