Management and Leadership

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Management and Leadership Paper Management is not leadership just as leadership is not management. In order to differentiate between the two we must ask ourselves which we relate to more, or rather, which we consider ourselves to be by asking the question which am I? Am I a Manager or can I consider myself a Leader? What type of person makes a good manager? What type of personality is best for leaders? Management and leadership are two notions that may be interchangeably, but there is a huge difference between a manager and a leader. They are two different ways of organizing people; the manager uses a formal method and the leader uses passion. "Managers do things right, and leaders do the right things." (Chapman, 2004, p.80)…show more content…
Leaders must carefully plan out strategies they will use to accomplish given tasks because strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point. Understand that managers and leaders have different strategic approaches in utilizing their human resources, shows that it is the approach that separates one from the other. On a more personal level, I am currently in a managerial position. I have always considered my self a leader, and it was my leadership qualities that got me the position that I am in today. As we read we see that it's the people with the most leadership qualities that are more successful as managers then a manager with no leadership qualities at all. One of the managers at the organization, in which I work, has no leadership qualities. He is a manager because he has the appropriate credentials. He came into our facility and showed no leadership, all his techniques he used to discipline staff, was the techniques our Exec. Used when he had to cover the position. You could tell that he had no say so, you can tell that he was not being a leader. And what happened? He was unsuccessful, why, because all the staff could see what he was doing, they could see he had no clue and therefore no one wanted to work under him. But, that didn't matter, because he has more education then the Exec. does, and that alone makes the company look good. And this is the reason why I feel our organization is ran
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