Management and Leadership Paper

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Katrina Phillips
University of Phoenix
Management and Leadership Paper
October 24, 2011

When we think about what a leader and manager is, most of us will use the same meaning. But in actual fact this is incorrect. We have to look at these two terms differently. What is a manager? A manager is someone who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, or of a department within the organization. So what is a leader? A leader is someone whom people follow, somebody who guides or directs others. Looking at both terms they both are very different. The question is always asked is a manager can be a leader and leader a manager. The true answer is managers are not always leaders, while leaders can be
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Because we know it is easier for a leader to be a manager, a manager can also be a leader. They need to understand the different roles and skills when it comes to becoming both. Some organizations are only looking specifically for managers. While other organizations want a person who obtains both skills. Depending on the type of organization culture the company has senior management would base their decision on that. Looking at the current economic environment managers should know how to perform many different tasks to keep the employees motivated. With this type of environment both the skills of a manager and a leader is required. Actually, strong management and leadership skills are necessary to tackle these difficult economic times.
The Roles and Responsibilities of Manager and Leaders
Understanding the difference and similarities between managers and leaders can be enlightening. Managers develop and manage plans that impact the strategic vision of an organization while leaders set strategic visions for the organization. Managers establish plans, support strategic plans, and organizational objectives. Managers also evaluate and track the achievement of tactical plans that have been assigned to specific staff. While on the other hand leaders motivate staff to achieve the object and task set forth. Managers serve as problem solvers. Managers are the people who assign resources to groups. On the hand leaders serve as persuasive change agents.
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