Management and Leadership Paper

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Management and Leadership Paper
Charles Lee
University of Phoenix

United Airlines presently manages nearly 3,000 flights daily on United, and United Express. This includes more than 200 domestic and international flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Denver. United is recognized as one of the largest international airlines in the United States, enjoying global air rights in the Asia-Pacific area, in Europe, and in Latin America (United Air Lines, 2009). United’s stock is presently listed under the Stock Market symbol UAUA. United Airlines is devoted to cost containment, improved revenue, and sustainable operations that will enhance a very competitive margin. United’s selection of services and
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The 9/11terrorist attacks seriously affected air travel and led to the demise of many airlines. Scores of airline industry workers still need to regain what they lost in both wages and benefits, and are hopeful of an industry turnaround this year (USA Today, 2009). The same negotiations are ongoing with the pilots’ unions also. Scores of pilots are adding on the pressure by threatening to interrupt flights if not afforded with new contracts. Pilots at United Airlines have recently been accused of law breaking when they decide on a “sick-out” in 2008 to disrupt flights and force United into continuing negotiations, the animosity still lingers today (USA Today, 2009). As of January 2003, the airline industry has lost 75,000 jobs (USA Today, 2009).
Currently no carriers are in the clear. Though most of the major commercial airlines have discussions about mergers, most believe that their futures are very bleak (USA Today, 2009). Jerry Glass, a consultant and previous airline executive, believes each side would benefit if airlines gave workers lower salaries in conjunction with bonuses only if the airline shows a profit, "it's a common-sense approach," Glass says (USA Today, 2009).
Management and Leadership
Market control played a significant part in shaping the diverse components that United Airlines offers. United Airlines offers six
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