Management and Leadership Paper

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Running head: Management and Leadership Paper

Management and Leadership Paper

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The difference between management and leadership is that management is concerned about structuring the organization and placing individuals in the right positions that are able to perform the functions of those duties and monitors the progress of the people's performance. Leadership motivates the people to understand the vision of the organization and to help them to move closer to that direction, and to help them rise above what obstacles that may stump them.

Managers are responsible for being a manger and a leader all rolled up into one, but it takes an effective leader to carry out the roles. A leader has to
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One way for this to happen is to set up evaluations of their work performance. Every individual must be evaluated on the standard performance that was laid out by the objectives that were created, and make sure that the standards have been met continue to reach further goals on the measurements. Also to be able to control the Budget to make sure that the funds that help keep the organization afloat is there and not being misused by having Audits. The company can have an internal audit to make sure that they know where the funds are being placed and being spent appropriately.

Just recently in the Science and Technology Division (STD) that I am under there has been a budget cut seven months into the fiscal year. This came from higher commands that the budget has been severed so the Science and Technology Division decided to cut the Travel Budget because that will save the whole budget that was laid out to continue with the research and development projects. This also makes the individuals be more creative in keeping updated with their partners and customers by doing teleconferencing or Video Conference without the travel involved. Only travels that will be approved are ones that the customer is willing to pay for the individuals to go to them.

To keep the organization motivated the individuals within the organization have to be motivated to come to work and have self worth, they want to be able to see their work make a difference in what
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