Management and Leadership Paper on Google

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Management and Leadership Paper on Google As with its technology, Google has selected to ignore standard wisdom in designing its business. Google started with seed money from angel investors and brought together two venture capital firms that are competing to fund its first equity round. When the dotcom boom exploded, its competitors spent millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to “build brand,” but Google focused instead in quietly building a better search engine. The word rapidly extended from one satisfied use to another. With its site where it has enhanced search technology and high volume of traffic, managers at Google recognized search services and advertising as two initial opportunities for generating revenue…show more content…
Additionally, Google’s hiring policy is aggressively non-discriminatory and always favors ability over experience. Google is global and has offices around the world and Google engineering centers are recruiting local talents. When Googlers are not at work, they pursue interests form cross-country cycling to wine tasting. As the company expands it development team, it persists on looking for those who are willing to contribute an obsessive commitment to generating search excellence and having an immense time performing it. Google is mainly known for its relaxed corporate culture that is evocative in the Dot-com boom. In January 2007, it was cited by Fortune Magazine as the no. 1 (of 100) best company to work for (Hoovers, 2007). Google’s corporate philosophy is based on many casual principles. It can also be seen externally through Google’s holiday variations of logo that Google has a relaxed corporate culture. Distinctive salaries at Google are deemed to be quite low by industry standards; however, their stock performance following its IPO has allowed its early employees to be well compensated by involvement in the company’s outstanding equity growth. Furthermore, the company has implemented other employee incentives in 2005 such as the Google Founders’ Award, in addition to providing higher salaries to new employees. Google’s workplace amenities, global popularity, culture and strong brand acknowledgement have noticeably attracted potential applicants.
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