Management and Leadership Style

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1. Controlling compares ____________ to see if goals are being achieved. a.i. Actual performance to competitor performance a.ii. Planned performance to standard performance a.iii. Actual performance to planned performance a.iv. Standard performance in ideal performance 2. For managers, communication can’t be overemphasized because ____________ requires communication. a.i. Planning a.ii. Decision-making a.iii. Everything a manager does a.iv. Supervising and monitoring employees 3. Which kind of control takes place before the actual work is carried out? a.i. Feed forward a.ii. Concurrent a.iii. Feedback a.iv. Recurrent 4. Jared’s boss encourages employees to participate in the decision-making process but does not…show more content…
Service organization ________. Produce physical outputs only Produce nonphysical outputs only Require nonphysical inputs only Produce physical and nonphysical outputs 25. Which communication sequence is correct? Sender-encoding-channel-decoding-receiver Sender-channel-medium-recoding-receiver Sender-decoding-channel-encoding-receiver Source-sender-encoding-encoding-receiver 26. Monica’s boss allows her any decision she thins is important on the spot without consulting anyone. Monica’s boss has this kind of leadership style. Laissez-faire style Democratic style Hands on style Automatic style 27. Ross can create web pages that are accessible only to remember of his organization on _____. An interchange An ethanol A videoconfiguracion An electronic data interchange 28. If a trait theory of leadership were true, then all leaders would possess____________. Charisma The same traits Different traits Seven traits 29. Setting goals definitely seems so ___. Increases performance and motivation Decreases motivation and performance Increases motivation but not performance Decreases performance but increase motivation 30. The _____ is the series of work actions that value to a product as it is being transformed from inputs to finished product. Supply chain Input chain Output chain Value chain 31. Which three needs are recognized
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