Management and Motivation Essay

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To analyse the importance for managers to understand motivation, it is essential to identify what management and motivation are and the links between the two. According to Dr. Kumra (2013), leadership and management are regarded as same. However, leadership is one aspect of management. Managers and leaders have differences in their functions, which means leaders are more motivated and flexible than managers. Motivation is considered as an individual phenomenon, which starts from one individual and continues to influence another (Kumra, 2013). It is also a tool which is under-utilized by managers at workplace to inspire people and to improve work environment (Bessell et al., 2012). The importance for managers to understand motivation can be …show more content…
Employees’ production determines how the companies develop. It is managers’ responsibility to motivate people to be more productive in order to achieve the mutual goal of development of their organisations. According to Dobre (2013), it is common that employees expect to earn reasonable salaries. Money as one main way of motivation has the competency to maintain and motivate individuals for higher performance. Dobre (2013) points out that financial rewards lead to job satisfaction, which is regarded as a main factor to influence employees’ performance positively. As organisations consist of different individuals, their performance affects organisational performance directive. The majority of the companies prefer to use salary, bonus, promotion and other financial methods to motivate people (Dobre, 2013). Motivation in spreading leadership into employees also boosts organisational performance. Motivation which is spread by managers can help them to build trust with followers. Trust plays an important role for employers and employees to build effective communication while make decisions. It allows employees to speak out regarding decision-making and gathered ideas help managers to enhance organisational management and performance. As it empowers followers to consider themselves as a part of the organisation rather than just contracted employees. Motivation allows individuals to build the mutual goal with managers and to perform better to obtain the goal, which lead
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