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Project Human Resource Management (DAPM07T)
Assignment 03
Portfolio of Evidence

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1 Introduction 3 2 Project Scope 3 2.1 Project Statement 3 3 Project Objectives. 3 4 Matrix Organisation and responsibilities 4 5 Project title and responsibilities 4 5.1 Project Team 5 5.2 Roles Of the project team 5 5.2.1 Project Manager 5 5.2.2 Project sponsor 6 5.2.3 Contractor Construction 6 5.2.4 Project engineers 6 5.2.5 Project Coordinator 6 5.2.6 Contractor plumbing 6 6 Advantages and disadvantages of a matrix Organisation 6 6.1 Advantages of Matrix organisation 6 6.2 Disadvantages of matrix organisation 7 7 Communication 7 8 Conclusion 7 9 References 8



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Produce consolidation reporting to the project board, including milestone summary, key issues, risks, benefits, summary of costs incurred. Establish standard tools and procedures for use on the project, including issue, risk, and change and information management. Manage project library, reviews project activities for compliance with procedures and standards, manages data security, software and license control.” 2012 principles of management” |

Project Team

Department of Public Works

Project Manager
Nokuthula Nyathi

* * Project Coordinator
Pammy Legana

* * Consulting Engineer
Gladstone Shirindza

* Contractor
Magasana Construction

* * Contractor Plumbing
Drain surgeon
Contractor Steel
Amana construction

Contractor Building
Murray & Robert Construction

Roles Of the project team

Project Manager
Project Manager is responsible for managing the work of consultants, allocating and utilising resources in an efficient manner and maintaining a co-operative, motivated and successful team and ensure that the project is delivered on time, to budget and to ensure required quality standard with agreed specifications.
Project sponsor
Is responsible for overseeing the progress of the project and reacting to any strategic problems.
Contractor Construction
They are hired to build the community hall, their job is to ensure
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