Management and Technology Essay

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Technology in Business, a Literature Review Roger Charnock BUSI 610 Liberty University Abstract Technology has transformed the business world of the twenty first century. Business practices are affected in every level whether marketing, merchandising or human capital; new innovative technological ideas have improved companies infrastructure and management processes. The purpose of this literature review is to explore the influx of technology into the business sector and to determine how businesses have adopted technology into the business process. This paper reviewed four areas where technology has revolutionized business. A review of scholarly articles focused on four key areas: business evolution, small business, technology shifts, and…show more content…
The modern era of technology was born during the Second World War; this was the coming of age for the computer. Towards the end of World War II International Business Machines helped the war effort by manufacturing a device that could translate encrypted messages. This was the beginning of computers; an article by Ms. Jooste explained that the CEO of IBM Mr. Watson was not sure that computers would be adopted for everyday business. In fact Mr. Watson stated that there would be a world market for maybe only five computers. However it would appear that Mr. Watson way underestimated the value of computers and how they would be used for business (Jooste, 2012). The mindset of managers from the past especially like that of Mr. Wilson would be amazed with the current computing capability which is probably in the billions. Technology has evolved where almost every person is affected by some sort of modern technology. Reinvention of Business By the 1950’s and 1960’s data processing began to transform organizations and business models. Universities began to teach keypunch and data processing along with programming. For the first time, problems that would take several minutes using a slide rule could be completed in seconds. Organizations developed business lines that would incorporate this technology. Data processing was especially important for manufacturing. Machines could now be automated with little or no
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