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Task 1 I recently started my new role and, after familiarising myself with the various tasks and processes, identified a time management issue within my role and started to look at ways to resolve it. My new involves identifying the requirements of the store and planning for the delivery of those requirements in the time frame provided by the business development team. I identified that there were problems occurring due to the way in which the project information was provided. The project appears on a weekly document showing all upcoming projects, this document indicates the type of project and the time lines for delivery. I would then wait for the information to filter through to me before starting to plan the project and place the…show more content…
After looking at improving the performance it was easy to see how the mistakes were happening and we added this to the actions to be taken and process improvements. The next step will be a review, as the first project will not be delivered for another 3 weeks we are in the process of discussing how the success of the changes will be measured. This will involve the team discussing the project and reflecting on how this has worked and where any further improvements can be made. Task 2 The below excerpts show my contributions to the TGF since my submission of TMA 2 The below, is an example of a post reflecting on a learning event following the implementation of my work based learning topics Posted 21/07/12 What was the experience; what did you do? The experiences was around the layout and ease of use of a specific form the Business Development team complete before handing to us. It contains part numbers, descriptions and a column for them to indicate how many we need to order on their behalf for a project. The form was small, all one colour and the part codes were mixed together making it very difficult to work through a project in a linear way. I redesigned the form so that the details can be added depending on which area of the store you are in, each part is colour coded and the part numbers are in order. Feedback has been very positive so far. What was your view about the most significant

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