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Section I- Case Summary • Across the majority of Europe, Dunkin’ Donuts, (the 64-year-old company), suffers from being well known. • As of now, Dunkin’ Donuts only has 150 establishments throughout Europe, small, compared to the 11,000 worldwide. • Dunkin’ Donuts has extensive plans to open an additional 1,150 stores across Europe. These openings will range from Northern England to Eastern Europe. •It was the second attempt by Dunkin’ Donuts to open up shops in the U.K. In 1990’s Dunkin made efforts to open shops but failed due to poorly chosen locations and inexperienced franchisees. • Dunkin’ plans on hiring corporate teams consisting of marketing specialists who are locals to the specific countries to facilitate expansion.…show more content…
The Dunkin Donuts chain plans to integrate themselves back to many of the places they departed from twenty years back. In a newspaper article from The Daily Telegraph, Nigel Travis explains the cause of their demise twenty years ago and how they will better adapt this time around; “We failed the first time because we focused on central London where rents were just too high. This time we are starting out on the outskirts of London,” (Marlow). A growing obesity epidemic has not stopped the hopes for opening even more donut franchises throughout London. In an article from the Daily Telegraph, Marlow explains the growing love for the sugary treats; “Despite the current war on sugar and obesity, the renaissance in baking and sweet treats has seen cupcakes, macaroons, and more recently doughnuts become more popular than ever with sales booming” (Marlow). In addition to UK expansion, Dunkin Donuts is planning hundreds more stores in Germany, Sweden, and Austria. The company is known for tailoring its products for the different market it serves. It sells shredded pork and seaweed doughnuts in China, kimchi varieties for its Korean market, and a lentil cocoa in India, and will feature less exotic items in UK, such as bacon and sausage butties (chip sandwich), and porridge (Marlow). Dunkin Donuts has even taken into account the battle against obesity, which is
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