Management for Organization

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Final Paper D’Andrea Jackson MGT330: Management for Organizations Kyle Kontour May 18, 2015 Final Paper The five management functions are used in all organizations, which are planning, organizing, staffing, leading and control. Each one of these functions is applied to make sure that the organization is successful with hitting the goals, within the organization. This helps with employees, managers, supervisors and also human resource, to make sure that the organization is successful and the organizational goals are achieved. The company that I…show more content…
She would write a job description based on what the manager of the department is looking for. I have seen this process happen many times, I actually was her office when she was posting the job descriptions on career builder, indeed and also craigslist. In this organization there is a personality test that all applicants must take in order to be qualified for the position. Angela not only posts the job descriptions on the internet, but she also interviews the applicants with the manager of the department. Baack (2014) stated that “staffing includes the recruiting, selecting, training, evaluating, compensating, and disciplining of employees within the organization. Staffing has become a preeminent function of contemporary managers”. Human resources make sure to analyze the applicants resume, and see what their strengths are and also the applicant must have a great personality, and the ability to be able to complete tasks within the department. If Angela is looking for a manager or supervisor she would speak with the CEO of the organization to see what he is looking for, the CEO and Angela will interview the applicants together to make sure that they right for the organization. This process in the organization starts off with planning with Angela who is in human
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