Management is art , science and profession.

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Q1. "Management is a combination Art, Science & Profession" Explain fully. Management is a concept which cannot be limited to any specific area. It is a part of our day-to-day life. Management is managing oneself. It is a broad term which is a combination of Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Directing and Co-ordinating. As rightly defined by Koontz Management has been defined as the creation and maintenance of internal environment in an enterprise, where individuals working together in groups can perform efficiently & effectively towards the attainment of the goals." It is the environment created for a better performance of work efficiently hence working towards attaining common goals. Management has a specific economic & social…show more content…
Knowledge of how, what, where, when etc, & the proper information of resources, for their effective utilization, information for efficient performance all is involved in science. Hence management also shows has these features. 2. Time factor:- As science can be developed over a period of time so is management. No one can become an effective & efficient manager overnight. For an individual to become a manager one has to struggle & learn the aspects of management then implement it in a surrounding where there would be other individuals. Then over a period of time after sufficient experience the person can become a manager. After a time period spent over exercising & implementing management aspects. 3. The Action-reaction phenomenon :- Science explains action & equal and opposite reaction ie cause & effect aspect. As per the 3rd law of Newton in physics "Every action has an equal & opposite reaction." As science explains this aspect the same is also valid for management. In management whatever a manager takes decision will cause an effect the direction in which the company goes. 4.Predictive power:- As science has predictive power so does management. If the management decisions are correct & taken after proper evaluation of the facts and figures along with the the consideration of the market and the competitors then this would determine the direction in which the organization goes. This can predict the future of the business
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