Management of Employee Wellness at Work: Foxconn

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Critical Examination of the Management of Employee Wellness at Work in Foxconn

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December, 2012

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Ⅱ Background--------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 ⅰWellness Management---------------------------------------------------------------3 ⅱFoxconn----------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Ⅲ Stress at Work----------------------------------------------------------------------------4 ⅰWorkplace stress in general---------------------------------------------------------4
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To analyse and solve the human resources management problems involved in Foxconn’s case, several aspects of the strategic management of employee wellness should be paid attention to, such as stress management, employee assistance programmes and so on.

Ⅲ Stress at Work

ⅰWorkplace stress in general

Workplace stress is an issue that competent employers cannot afford to ignore, and it is important for them to take positive measures to tackle it. Wright and Bonett (2007, p.142) believe that if an organisation assume that workplace stress is not an issue for them, or that employees who appear unable to cope with the pressures of working life are ‘not good enough’, then the likely consequences for the business could be: poor job performance, high cost in sick pay, negative impacts on customer relationship, the risk of legal claims against the organisation etc..

Therefore, managers and the human recourses department need to be constantly alert to the possibility of harmful levels of stress among their employees, and

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