Management of Health Care Data and Information

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1. The healthcare industry has generated large volumes of data for much of its history. In spite of the large volumes of data associated with the delivery of healthcare, it is often pointed to as a lagging industry with regards to information management. Describe the current maturity state of information management in the healthcare industry. Specifically, consider the following: a. Explain the difference, if any, in healthcare data and healthcare information. What are the primary sources of healthcare data and information?  Healthcare data is the raw unprocessed facts, numbers, details etc. We can say that information is processed data, so healthcare information is nothing but processed healthcare data. Healthcare data in itself is not very useful and hence there arises a need to process the data to derive meaningful and quality data out of it. The primary sources of healthcare data and information are: 1. Patient Records – These are the records that are maintained or each and every patient receiving care. It involves mainly the patient details and data about the care provided. 2. Healthcare Records – These records involve data about everyone associated with Healthcare, ranging from payers to providers. 3. Population Census Data – Census data is also used to get the healthcare data and information. 4. Healthcare Provider Surveys – Providers often carry out surveys with patients and employees. This is also used as a source. 5. Healthcare Provider Data – Various
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