Management of Human Service Programs

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The department is facing the problem of losing funds for their operation. Accessing the needs for the human service programs is significant in evaluating the success of the program. It involves determining the problems to be addressed by the program thereby identifying the ability of the programmers in meeting the needs. The programmers can only consider the program as effective just after determining the compatibility of the program to the community problems. Accessing the needs will help the programmers in analyzing and diagnosing any social needs that relate to the program. The programmers would have to state the actual problem, analyze the scope of the problem and define the nature of the community needs with the proper target intervention. The steps followed in needs assessment include the following: performing gap analysis, prioritizing the activities according to their importance, identification of the causes of opportunities and performance and the ultimate identification of solution and growth opportunities (Unrau et al, 2007).
Determining the role of the outcome in the evaluation will help in identifying the effectiveness and the efficiency of the program in the…
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