Management of M&S

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Bus 1004 – Introduction to Management Introduction The aim of this assignment is to understand and explore the main principles of the way Marks and Spencer’s operates. In the assignment I will be examine the strengths and weaknesses of the company, however the most critical issues which will be covered in the essay is the leadership and management style and corporate culture of Marks and Spencer’s. Furthermore I will analyse to what extent o regard leadership and management style as the key factors in accounting for Marks and Spencer’s relative underperformance over the last 20 years. Explain 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses of Marks and Spencer’s Referring back to the case study, we can see that Marks and Spencer have a very well…show more content…
Furthermore the company has also opened a new scheme called the “fashion retail academy” which is a programme designed to build up new young talent which will help them innovate as a company and grow and gain new ideas for the future with the younger futures ideas which will help them aspire to new ideas and innovations of the current world. A further strength which the company hold is the successful expansion in their food sector, they have created an area of food for their customers who look for quality and taste, and this has helped the company gain extra profits. The company also seems to comprise of some weaknesses primarily within their use of management styles and corporate culture. The company seemed to be slow to follow their rivals and had lost touch with the marketplace. Their old traditions views from the management lead to a decline in their profits. Another weakness the company faces is the company was losing out on profits due to them being only reliant on their British suppliers which had become too costly for them. The company was too slow to follow their competitors to use cheaper goods from low cost countries which resulted in the company losing out on profits. Another weakness the company faced is the tough competition from retailers such as Primark, Matalan and next which were attracting customers due to their low priced up to date products. Marks and Spencer’s seemed to be unaware of
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