Management of Thorpe Park Resort

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Management of Thorpe Park Resort 1. Introduction Thorpe Park Resort is a theme Park in Chertsey, England. Thorpe Park was built in 1979 on the partially flooded gravel pit which was left after the demolition of Thorpe Park Estate in the 1930s. Thorpe Park is owned and operated by Merlin entertainments. Usually kids above eight years with parents, teens and young adults aged 16-24 who are thrill seekers are the main target audience of Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park Resort now operates three yearly events. Club nights occur every Saturday night a month from April to September which features known music artists playing a variety of themed nights. Summer Nights are held when the Park reopens after a normal day on Friday while Fright Nights is Thorpe Park's Halloween event, an annual event that has been running at Thorpe Park since 2002 (Bigné et al., 2005). Organization are faced with various challenges and just like any other organization Thorpe Park has management challenges which affect the smooth flow of operations. Such challenges need to be addressed and the necessary recommendation put in place to ensure proper running to satisfy visitors, the company workers and directors. This paper is focuses on some of the management issues at Thorpe Park resort on human resources, and on customers experience and quality of services offered. 2. Human resource Human resource team in Thorpe Park is involved with recruitment, training, employee relations. It is also concerned with pensions,

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