Management vs. Leadership Essay

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Management and leadership have many similarities, yet there are many differences that separate a manager from a leader. Merriam-Webster defines leadership simply as "the office or position of a leader," "the capacity to lead," or "the act or an instance of leading." They also define manager as "a person who conducts business or household affairs," "a person whose work or profession is management," or "a person who directs a team…" However, Merriam and Webster do not define "leadership" as it should be. A leader must ensure a healthy organizational structure, as does a manager, but there is more to being a leader than conducting business or household affairs. Although both roles require similar skills
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A manager can educate his/her employees and help them to progress as individuals into better employees, but he/she does not inspire them to strive for further organizational development and success or believe in a common goal or interest. A manager does not strive for change and development, but to only enforce policies and procedures already set forth by precedence. A leader is a visionary while a manager is, in essence, a follower of a higher power.

Roles and characteristics that ensure a healthy organizational culture. A leader has several roles and responsibilities to ensure a healthy organizational culture. First of all, a leader must create and maintain a safe, comfortable environment for members of the organization. This environment is built on the basis of trust and respect for fellow members. A leader must ensure that all members are considerate of other members' cultures, beliefs, and practices. If there is tension between diverse cultures within the organization, efficiency is lost. A leader must be willing to stand up for his or her followers. If people cannot trust their leader to stand behind their actions, they are not as willing to take the risks that can make or break an organization. People must feel confident that under any circumstances, their leader will back up their actions and vice-versa. If members of an organization, including the
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