Management vs. Leadership

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Management vs. Leadership The comparison and differences of traits between leadership and management techniques and styles is like comparing apples and oranges. Leadership should be an asset of management but unfortunately not all managers have leadership qualities A manager is a director, an overseer, someone who dictates employees. A leader is focused on organizing and inspiring people to be entrepreneurs. The role and responsibilities of both leaders and managers in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture has differences and similarities, both a leader and a manager have the same goal to have a healthy organization but the approaches are different. An example from sums up the differences between a leader and a …show more content…
An organization 's culture is, in part, also created and maintained by the organization 's leadership… Leaders also establish the parameters for formal lines of communication and message content-the formal interaction rules for the organization. Values and norms, once transmitted through the organization, establish the permanence of the organization 's culture"(NDU, n.d.).
Open communication reduces anxiety that employees may endure. Communication stimulates a healthy organizational culture within the workplace. A personal example of effective communication is working for an open-minded manager who understands that employees are humans and need to communicate, vent, discuss, and discuss matters. My manager believes that having an "open door policy" will enhance productivity in the department. The people in my department not only respect our manager as a leader but as an individual because he is honest and approachable. I can speak to my manager about anything, I do not feel as though I need to walk on eggshells in order to get a point across, I can speak to him openly about issues and my manager actively listens and addresses the issue. I am lucky to have a manager who is down to earth and cares about the employees within the department. Another recommendation for creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture is streamlining processes to produce the most amount of work in the
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