Managements and Employee Development

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Management must pledge to deliver employees the opportunity for development through the use of training, cross-training and mentoring. Successful management will be required to provide an annual update on the programs and its outcomes. Management plans and organizes a program for the instruction of new and re-instruction of seasoned Skyrail operators, and other J3DMT employees as needed, in the proper and safe operation of Skyrail vehicles in accordance with J3DMT policies and procedures; • Selects, oversees, trains, encourages, delegates, evaluates, counsels, and disciplines staff. • Enforces J3DMT rules, policies, and procedures, and applies provisions of labor agreements. • Determines objectives, goals, and methods of instruction for curriculum and lesson plans. • Analyzes material on schedule changes, fare schedule and transfer policy, changes in routes or special events. • Confirms compliance with Arizona Public Utilities Commission, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Transportation State and Federal laws, and the record keeping of training and medical certificates; • Informing operating personnel of special events which will affect the transit system. • Prepares correspondence and reports with recommendations by J3DMT Rail Rules Standards. • Reviews accident/incident reports and makes recommendations in regards to preventability/non-preventability; may serve as Chair of the Accident Review Committee. Warranty Plan The support infrastructure of the
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