Manager Development

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Question 1

The roles of management are the four basic management functions (planning, organising, leading and controlling) and six additional management functions (decision making, communication, coordination, delegation and disciplining). The basic management functions are the most important steps in the management process and are performed consecutively during each activity during the simultaneous performance of different elements of the management function. The six additional management functions are usually performed in some or other combination with the four basic management functions.


The first phase of planning involves a conscious
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It helps them at some extent predict what people will do under various conditions.

Influence environment

They must be able to influence the environment in which they work thy need to master the practices that influence organisational events.

The six additional management functions also constitute behaviour of a successful manager, namely:

Decision making

Decision making is the process whereby alternative solutions to a problem are purposefully considered and the best alternative is chosen after considering the consequences and advantages or disadvantages of each alternative.

Decision making cam be seen as the most important of the additional management functions, because it can mean the difference between profit and loss, and even between the success and failure of a business. Because decision making deals with the present and the future and with probabilities and uncertainties, the decision maker should carefully weigh up the consequences of each alternative before making a decision.


Communication is the transfer of a message by any means and is concerned with the activities of the business between two or more persons and or to the relationship between the people involved. Communication plays a particularly important role in all management functions since it provides the information necessary for work performance. The way
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