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Manager Interview Paper Job satisfaction, Motivation and Leadership in the Workplace Introduction As a business major, I surround by numerous success stories from internet, magazines and visiting business professionals in different lectures. They all achieve a certain kind of success although they may have totally different background, organizational culture and management style. Therefore, it is hard for me to find the common point behind their successes. When I start to learn organizational behavior, I begin to understand how their successes connect to each other with the help of various concepts and theories. In order to further understand whether managers implement the concept in to a real work scenario, I interviewed Peng Liu,…show more content…
“I really like something could horizon my vision and brings me inspirations, which cannot be acquired if I just limit my scope of work within the company”, he said. What interests me most is the part of job he does not like. He would like to be a fair manager, rewarding and punishing his employee based on their performance, but he can’t, for many reasons. In his opinion, most traditional Chinese company does not have or even value an effective reward and punishment system. On one hand, company does not want to spend too much money on rewarding employees. On the other hand, Chinese feel embarrassing to praise their employees in public. As a result, Punishment is more common when dealing with employees’ issues, and he just does not have the courage to break the “rule” even he wants to. Managing Employees Create satisfied employees As the largest component of the company, factory workers’ satisfaction has a significant impact on company’s short-term profit and long-term development. According to Peng, the daily job of production workers is standing in front of the assemble line 8 hours excepting half hour lunch time during the weekdays, putting raw materials, processing, mixing, measuring the semi-finished product and packing the finished product depend on their work specialization. Full protecting is provided by the company to ensure worker’s safety and health. Not too many conflicts among workers or between the workers and their supervisors, and

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