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THE INTERVIEW REPORT DESCRIPTION On October 20th, 2011 I had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Thuan Mccular in Texas Woman’s University, Denton Texas. Mrs. Thuan Mccular is the Information Technology Service Manager of Texas Woman’s University, Denton Texas. Her major duties and responsibilities are to ensure that, the university technical support service is very effective and more so, she manage employee’s relations matters and salary administration of her department. Mrs. Mccular is from Vietnam and her goal for coming to United State of America is to further her education. She arrived to United State of American in 1982 to further her study in University of Wisconsin Stout, Wisconsin. She obtained her bachelor’s degree…show more content…
On the other side, she said someone can be born as a leader through physical appearance and to her that is a trait. She further told me that she learned her leadership style from schools, training, and seminar, her job, observing and following great leader’s steps and by attending conference regularly. KEY LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES Mrs. Mccular, made me to understand that for a leader to distinguishes he or her from other managers he or she must have a vision, must be able to think globally, he or she must be able to carry compassion with people and company he or she is working with, must be very intelligent, must have people oriented skills, must be decisive, should be able to make a good decisions, he or she must be able to adapt to change and finally he or she must ensure to think outside of the box ,because if he or she think only inside of the box everyone knows what is inside of the box, so by thinking outside that distinguishes he or she from other managers. According to her, Steve Job the Apple CEO has been her mentor and she chooses Steve Job, because of his level of vision, his leadership style, his high level of dedication and the way he change technology image as at today. She further told me that, Steve Job left a lot of works for Apple to do for more years to come. As the interview continues, Mrs. Mccular

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