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Managing a Sales Team from a Behavioral Viewpoint Approach
Written by Carmine Iacona
Daytona State College
GEB 3353 Management Manifesto
Submitted to Dr. Griffin
March 8, 2015

Management Philosophy
An organization’s management roles can be quite different and diverse, depending on the industry, its culture and the ultimate goals of the organization. Managers on different levels of an organization play several roles and exercise multiple skills as they effectively and efficiently, integrate the work of people through planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Historically, there are three key management viewpoints: classical, behavioral and quantitative. To be an exceptional manager, it is essential to embrace a viewpoint
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Occasionally, I lose focus on certain projects that I feel are redundant or not interesting enough, even though they are required by the company. Nonetheless, this may cause me to convey a sense of lack of commitment to certain projects. As a result, I may indirectly affect my team’s productivity and possibly cause unfavorable results.
Completing my Bachelor’s degree will strengthen my skillset and help me become a more valuable employee. I am looking forward to the upcoming business courses so I can continue learning more about different conceptual strategies and theories that I can apply to my workplace. My organization is excited that I have decided to pursue my degree and is completely supportive.
I am responsible for managing a sales team in a diverse and high profile market that has already opened the doors for more opportunity inside and outside the organization.
Ultimately, the completion of my degree and continuing to be successful at my current role will be the best recipe for future opportunities
Increased competition in the market has pressured my sales team to change the way they perform in their jobs. This has created new challenges in the way business is conducted directly with customers. Furthermore, it becomes increasing difficult to motivate my employees as they feel the stresses from their customers as a result of periodic

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