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"Good Luck" 1. (30 pts.) For the project you have selected for this class, do the following: a) Perform an Affinity analysis. Method Labor Equipment Materials Follow instructions Efficient Training Calibration Materials to be used Understand the steps Product recognition The power to be used The structure or properties of the materials Work plan Process recognition Period of time that will be used Process to be worked The wellness of the employee b) Do a Relationship Matrix for the Headers of the Affinity. Method Labor Equipment Materials 1 2 3 4 Output input Method 1 X    3 0 Labor 2  X   1 2 Equipment 3 X  1 0 Materials 4   X 0 2 We have that there are 3 outputs on the method and 2 inputs…show more content…
The relationship with the customers can be applied, by receiving feedback in the service, let them know about changes and plans in the operations, and if there are some suggestions that can be taken from the customers, and can help the productivity and performance of the business operations. In the operation of the company, there are some continuous improvements, that can be applied, but the operation in essence is the same. It could have some points in the process that can be change and/ or improve, inside a cycle of changes. 3. (20 pts.) Contrast and compare the keys to "New" management vs. the "Traditional" management techniques. Do you consider yourself a "New" manager, a "Traditional" manager, or somewhere in-between? Explain your answer. TRADITIONAL MANAGER’S DUTIES Knowing all the answers Solving all the problems Enforcing policies and procedures Maintaining technical knowledge Knowing the information Working on repetitive tasks Following the rules NEW MANAGER’S DUTIES Has a fresh and more realistic training in the new situations/ scenarios. Has the capacity to get into some old tendencies in new ones. Adjust old methods with new methods Create and make techniques of existing procedures. Participate in all training with others Less “fire-fighting” More responsibility to teams Cross functional processes All processes assigned to a team New roles for teams members I consider

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