Manager Responsibilities and Effective Delegation

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MANAGER RESPONSABILITIES AND EFFECTIVE DELEGATION Management Responsibilities And the Effective Use of Delegation at My Current Organization Alex Solis University of Phoenix Abstract Delegation is the assignment of new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate. This paper will explain and examine how managers in my current organization delegate, as part of their responsibilities. As well as, how delegation is performed, and how it can better be used within one of the four functions of management. This paper will explain via examples and situations how delegation is used within my current place of employment, and what skills are necessary for effective delegating in the working environment of today’s business…show more content…
Once it is completed she revises and adds any of her edits. Once I revise based on her feedback, we get things done. This however is not the case with the Manager of the program. She tends to be less comfortable with delegating, and tends to at times micromanage a project. It is in my estimation that micromanaging projects stifle creativity and growth for subordinates. Therefore, I tend to fall in line with my direct supervisor when delegating to my staff. I tend to place a heavy enfaces on the end result. Since our situation is one where we have tight deadlines, and all the work must be done in a timely accurate manner, there tends to be quite a bit of pressure and stress placed on line staff. I want to ensure I do not add to that stress. At times it is necessary that I delegate someone else’s work. When doing this I try to ensure that every member of the unit gets a similar amount of work delegated their way. Secondly I ensure they have the time to perform the task at hand. If that means overtime or flex time, I try to work with them on that. Lastly I try to ensure that I have provided the staff with all the tools and necessary rights for them to be able to perform the task at hand. Because we use a permission driven data base I must ensure they can work one each other’s caseload. This is the area in my management style were the authority is also given to staff to be able to perform this task. It

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