Manager Role in Implementing Change

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Manager Role in Implementing Change
Nicole Paschel
University of Phoenix
HCS/ 475
Ashley Tennessee
December 17, 2010

Manager Role in Implementing Change There are successful ways to implement changes in many different organization and all employees need to understand how the changes will benefit them and how it will affect their work daily. Managers within an organization that are seeking change need to bring the idea to their employees or management team to receive etiquette feedback. In this paper I will discuss Managers role and responsibility how manager successfully handle change. Managers know that any kind of changes whether it is new ideas, new technology or new programs can create concerns and
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6. Enlightenment. In Phase 6, people completely accept the new change. In fact, many wonder how they ever managed the "old" way. Overall, they feel good about the change and accept it as the status quo from here forward.” (Garrison Wynn, 2005) With these different phases that is why it is hard to tell or determine how long changes will take to implement. If employees were not aware that any changes were required then reaction of employee may be, why change if change is not working or that the change was a waste of time. Mangers should be ready for the resistance to any change, prepare for it, and make special efforts to assess and deal with individual reactions to change. A manager or a person in leadership must develop a proper attitude toward the resistance of change that their employee may have. Looking at the thoughts that many may have and carefully listen to their concerns is something that managers must do to help with the resistance of the change. Engaging many with the change should be done after fully understanding the concerns of others. The best way to minimize resistance to change is to involve those who is responsible for the change and those who are affected by it. Consulting employees from the areas affected first hand and not leaving in the dark is another method of handling resistance. With involving those who are affected a test run of the new changes could help iron out the problem areas, get

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