Manager Selection Process For Globally Based Assignments

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Manager Selection Process for Globally Based Assignments One of the main reasons for selecting a particular employee for a role is that they are the right fit for the role in terms of educational qualifications and experience. They are knowledgeable in the area and have performed well in similar sort of roles in the past. This is usually how we select someone but when we need them to go to another country to do that job we need to look at a lot of other factors and not just qualifications and experience. There are many challenges that the manager can face when moving to the new country. They will need to adapt to differences in language, etiquette and industry regulations. Every country has a different way of communicating. Even among English speaking countries the accent can differ greatly. In my own experience it is difficult at times for Americans to comprehend the Australian accent so when it is an entirely different language it is even more difficult to make sense of things. People’s gestures and expressions can mean different things in different cultures and it is important to know these differences so as to not offend anyone. Managers that are being moved need to do a lot of research to avoid being blindsided by the unexpected. They need to know the customs and behaviours of the people of the country they are going to. They have to be aware of what they can do and what they should avoid. They should be aware of the way they dress and even the gestures they use. For
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