Manager responsibilities and daily tasks

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Executive summary
Manager takes a very important role in every company, a good manager would lead company to a brighter future. The aim of this report is to show readers about an interview of a successful manager with her ways of doing thing in her daily life and our findings and analysis from the interview. The manager who we have interviewed is Miss VniTey. Miss VniTey had worked as a manager in a furniture company for 6 years time and worked in Singapore. We had classified the content of interview by the management function of P-O-L-C, it can clearly show us that Miss Vni is a responsible and outstanding manager who had utilized the management functions very well.
In this report, we sorted out the management function of P-O-L-C into
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After we had done our interview with Miss Vni through asking a list of question, we found out that the managerial function of planning, organizing, leading and controlling were critical to the success of an organization.

2. Planning
2.1 Theory
According to Williams & McWilliams 2010 (p.85), planning can define as choosing a goal and developing a method or strategy to achieve that goal. It is very important that every manager has equipped with the skill of planning because planning is a part that can bring a company to success or failure. Besides that, a manager who can make a good plan believed that he/she is a good manager as well. Before starting a task, the manager must come out with an idea of how to do and what to do in the particular task.
There are several benefits that can be obtained from planning such as planning will encourage persistence, giving a direction to work toward, intensified effort, improve the development of task strategies, reduces overlapping and wasteful action, reduces the risk of uncertainty and promotes innovative ideas. In another words, planning not only make tasks done by an effective way, it also encourages workers to work harder to do their jobs and reduce their uncertainty about the task. However, when planning is done wrong, it may lead to some pitfalls that will cause some negative effect to the organisation and individual performance. Those pitfalls are
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