Manager 's Perspective For Resolving Conflicts

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Sital Abundis
Assignment 3
How can the clinc be managed?
Audience: Manager’s perspective for resolving conflicts. (Dental Clinic)
Purpose: To Educate Managers of a Dental Clinic on how to handle conflict in the workplace.

Conflict at anytime is inevitable in the workplace setting’ working on a Military installation as a dental clinic manager may also have tribulations with conflict. Conflict can arise between co-workers, supervisors and subordinates, employees and customers, and/or suppliers and regulatory agencies. How, the manager handles conflict with a spouse can be completely different than how a conflict is handled with a co-worker especially in a manager’s perspective. Managing workplace conflict is a key of management skill that
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There are various types of conflict and guidelines to effectively resolve conflict to which they are addressed. What is conflict?
Conflict management is the process of preparing to avoid conflict and organizing to resolve conflict where it does happen, as quickly and efficiently as possible. People often are unsure about how to approach others when there is a problem or concern. Allowing and following the conflict management process in the dental clinic can eliminate stresses that tie into the specific circumstances. The conflict management process is a way of recognizing and resolving conflict amongst people to achieving its goals. In my workplace there are many different conflicts that can arise between co-workers.
Tekleab (2009) found that “conflict management has a direct, positive effect on team cohesion and moderates the relationship between relationship conflict and team cohesion as well as that between task conflict and team cohesion.” Respecting each other’s differences while openly and honestly communicating individual thoughts and feelings is a main factor in effective conflict management.
Defining the problem
The biggest problem facing most managers is conflict in the workplace. There are many examples of the different types of conflict to avoid. Conflicts can arise in many forms within the workplace and identifying the specific types of conflicts is important to management. Case in point, there are many instances when the co-worker does
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