Manager 's Perspective For Resolving Conflicts

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Sital Abundis
Assignment 3
How can the clinc be managed?
Audience: Manager’s perspective for resolving conflicts. (Dental Clinic)
Purpose: To Educate Managers of a Dental Clinic on how to handle conflict in the workplace.

Conflict at anytime is inevitable in the workplace setting’ working on a Military installation as a dental clinic manager may also have tribulations with conflict. Conflict can arise between co-workers, supervisors and subordinates, employees and customers, and/or suppliers and regulatory agencies. How, the manager handles conflict with a spouse can be completely different than how a conflict is handled with a co-worker especially in a manager’s perspective. Managing workplace conflict is a key of management skill that all managers should study. Practicing effective conflict management skills will help to maintain a positive workplace environment for employers and employees.
As a manager one must acknowledge that they control how a department will function. Working in a dental clinic, a department manager’s position is crucial for an organization because they are the reference that serves the entire operation. This leader has to believe in the foundation of the company by acting accordingly in their role Tekleab, A. G. (2009). A manager wears many hats and needs to know what role they must play in order to be successful. An organization should recognize that at times conflict can arise in the workplace and a systematic process should be followed to…
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