Managerial Aspect

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What Is Management Aspect In A Feasibility Study? The management aspect implies a clear and precise identification of duties and responsibilities, flow of authority and manpower level requirement. It must be set up for optimum effectiveness. To achieve these, management must be able to plan all activities, for the company to become productive and competitive industry through human resource, financial capability and new technologies …. 1. Management Aspect – this includes a study of the officers and key personnel, basic considerations in forming the organizations, form of ownership, organizational chart, and project schedule. This is to determine the option effectiveness of the organizational setup and the qualifications of the…show more content…
If you wish to become a tax-exempt organization, you will need to incorporate, file for tax exemption with the IRS (and, in some cases, within your own state), and set up a board of directors and officers of the corporation. You will also need to decide if your organization should be a membership, or non-membership organization. Organizational Structure Discuss your business’ organizational structure. One of the best ways to present this information is with an organizational chart. An organizational chart shows the hierarchy, or chain of command in your business. It lists key positions and subordinate positions under department heads, supervisors, and managers. Principles and Practices of the Business Every business should have a published code of ethics and principals that govern how the company conducts its business. In this section, include both internal and external principals of operations. Internal Operations Business Principles and Practices * Businesses that are incorporated must have a board of directors. Do you have a conflict of interest policy in place? Will you use “Robert’s Rules” for conducting meetings? * Do you offer services where clients need to be screened for eligibility for financial aid, social services, or are there other pre-requisite requirements such being a senior citizen, minority, or disabled? * Do you have hiring and employee training and management practices in
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