Managerial Challenge At Morgan Stanley

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Question1: Managerial Challenge at Morgan Stanley – Rob Parson has been a super performer at Morgan Stanley. He had single handedly made significant gains in building Morgan Stanley’s reputation in a very short time. Prior to parson, the firm had been ranked tenth with a market share of 2%. Parson had been instrumental in securing first-time business with more than ten clients. With his contribution Morgan Stanley held the third rank position with a market share of 12.2%. He had excellent cross-selling skills, was aggressive and hard working and responsive. However, in doing so he had violated many of the company’s norms and culture. Nasr has to now decide whether to promote him or not. To promote Parson, Nasr would need lot of support…show more content…
Question 3: Overview: As the case represent an independent analysis of issues associated with performance appraisal and performance management in Morgan Stanley. The case does reflect the scenario of Person’s underperformance in different dimensions. Problem Statement: Morgan Stanley, an investment bank and its mission and vision statement clearly defines what its values as an organization – “By conducting ourselves with absolute integrity, foster team work, dignity and respect towards others”. Morgan Stanley mission is to transformed itself into a “One-Firm Firm”. Paul Nasr, hired Rob Parson not necessarily as team player. He is an aggressive contributor and not a key personality to have behavior characteristics of their company’s mission statement. When Paul hired Rob he knew he is not the typical Morgan Stanley type personality which they want to adhere in their corporate culture. He hired Rob because he wanted to hire someone who is a self-starter besides some of his aggressive characteristics which leads to some of the characteristic problems Rob was facing in Morgan Stanley besides achieving targets and getting valuable results for the company. ¬ Major processes of HR: Recruiting/Selection (Course Concept) : Rob got selected on the basis of his business skills without considering his behavioral skills and their corporate culture environment which was
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