Managerial Challenge At Morgan Stanley

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Managerial Challenge at Morgan Stanley –
Rob Parson has been a super performer at Morgan Stanley. He had single handedly made significant gains in building Morgan Stanley’s reputation in a very short time. Prior to parson, the firm had been ranked tenth with a market share of 2%. Parson had been instrumental in securing first-time business with more than ten clients. With his contribution Morgan Stanley held the third rank position with a market share of 12.2%. He had excellent cross-selling skills, was aggressive and hard working and responsive. However, in doing so he had violated many of the company’s norms and culture. Nasr has to now decide whether to promote him or not. To promote Parson, Nasr would need lot of support internally in the firm. To not promote Parson would mean that he would loose a valuable employee and a start producer and would loose connections with financial sector clients which are essential to the company’s growth.

Rob Parson’s performance evaluation is on its course and it became difficult for Paul Nasr to promote Rob Parson because of many negative views. At Morgan Stanley, a 360-Degree performance evaluation process was implemented where the professionals were evaluated by the superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Though, Rob Parson did very well in bringing clients to the firm but he had poor relations with his colleagues and subordinates and everyone had commented negatively during his performance evaluation. Rob Parson…

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