Managerial Communication Essay

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Managerial Communication
1. What Is Managerial Communication?

Managerial communications involves gathering important information from both inside and out side the organization and distributing appropriate information to others who need it. If you carefully analyze a mangers job it is evident that managerial communication is essential for every management function known to business. For example, when managers perform the planning function, they gather information, write letters, memos, and reports, and then meet with other managers to explain the plan. When managers lead, they communicate to share a vision of what the organization can be and motivate employees to help achieve it, when managers organize, they gather information about the
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As leaders and managers mature, they realize the need to effectively convey and receive information, and efforts at communications both internally and externally increase substantially.

Managers have usually spent a greater part of their time communicating in one form or another, for example it takes the form of meetings, face-to-face discussions, memos, letters, e-mails, reports, etc. In the modern day work place more and more employees find that an important part of their work is communication, especially now that service workers outnumber production workers and research as well as production processes stresses greater collaboration and teamwork among workers in different functional groups. Moreover, a shift in communication technologies has paved the way to the change of both work and organizational structure. For these reasons, communication practices and technologies have become more important in all organizations, with a higher degree of importance in knowledge-intensive sectors and organizations.

Organizational communication in today's organizations has not only become far more complicated and diverse, but has also become more important to overall organizational performance and success.

1.1.1 Methods To Effective Organizational Communication

Open Door Policy: literally means, that every manager's door is open to every employee. The purpose of the open door policy is
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