Managerial Communication Interview

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RUNNING HEAD: Managerial Communication Interview Managerial Communication Interview Marie Barrese Dr. Bonnie Adams COM/350 I spoke with the manager of my unit. She is faced with some difficult personalities in the three areas of the unit. She identified the major communication breakdowns in this unit as leadership. She has taken various steps to deal with the situations but the staff resistsher influence. The people who have been there for a long time are the biggest at resisting her changes. The most recent change she is trying to initiate is changing the unit to a mother/baby unit. This means the nurses take care of the mothers and infants. There is a great deal of resistance between the nursery and labor and delivery. She …show more content…
The organization must find a way to meet their members’ individual needs and persuade them to act in ways that meet the organizations’ needs. Strategies of organizing; there are various ways of running an organization. The company runs its departments in similar ways. They need to attract the employee’s visions of the manager and develop them into similar views. There needs to be a method of incorporating the views of the management to improve the communication between management and staff. (Conrad, Scott Poole, 2005) In order for the staff in this unit to meet the expectations of the management there needs to be open communication between the two elements of the organization. The fundamental strategies are to meet the expectations of the management and the employees. There needs to be an understanding between the two sectors. The manager cannot just put in place a plan without meeting a great deal of resistance. The strategies of communicating need to be having frequent meetings and taking in the staff position and concerns. The management needs to also share their concerns and projections for the changes. In this case the manager must also plead her case to the union to see that it is a fair decision. The employees should be considered in the formation of the new policies and procedures. Questions that arise must be addressed. There needs to be an answer of what to do with the admission nursery and the level II
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