Managerial Competency

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Introduction ‘‘Competency-based strategic management is a relatively new way of thinking about how organizations gain high performance for a significant period of time. Established as a theory in the early 1990s, competence-based strategic management theory explains how organizations can develop sustainable competitive advantage in a systematic and structural way. The theory of competence-based strategic management is an integrative strategy theory that incorporates economic, organizational and behavioural concerns in a framework that is dynamic, systemic, cognitive and holistic (Sanchez and Heene, 2004). This theory defines competence as: the ability to sustain the coordinated deployment of resources in ways that helps an organization…show more content…
An alternative would be to set a reminder that will alert one on what to do at a specific time. Teamwork Competency Accomplishing tasks through small groups of people who are collectively responsible and whose work is interdependent requires teamwork competency (Hellriegel Jackson, Slocum Amos Klopper, Louw Oosthuizen, 2007, Page 15). A united nation is a winning nation; teamwork is about working together to achieve a certain goal. Communities work together for example to fight the socio-economic problem which is crime, in turn making it a safer environment. In the same sense businesses work as a team to improve efficiency in the working environment. When it comes to designing a team, team-building strategies work best, as the strategy brings employees together creating a close relationship amongst them and making them work as a more united team. Relating teamwork competency to the author, a negative result will be the outcomes, as the author believes that working alone is more effective, but people have different opinions on the subject. Global Awareness Competency Carrying out an organization’s managerial work by drawing on the human, financial, information, and material resources from multiple countries. People watch the news to stay informed of what is happening around the world and in their communities. Researching what causes inflation is part of global awareness, when an individual decides they want to go work overseas they undergo
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