Managerial Economics Of Dell Incorporated

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Running Head: The Managerial Economics of Dell Incorporated 1 The Managerial Economics of Dell Incorporated “Our business is about technology, yes. But it 's also about operations and customer relationships.” (Dell, n.d.). Dell Incorporated produces electronics products, including, but not limited to; laptop computers, desktop computers, audio equipment, monitors, and printers. Michael Dell dropped out of college in his freshman year in 1984 and founded his new computer business under the name of PC 's Limited with $1,000 and a vision for designing, manufacturing and selling technology. Within four years, the company was renamed Dell Computer Corporation and went public. Within this time, Dell raised its market capitalization from $1,000 to $85 million. In 1992, Dell debuted on the Fortune 500, which made Michael Dell the youngest CEO leading a Fortune 500 company. By 1999, Dell was ranked No. 1 in PCs in the United States, No. 1 worldwide in PCs for large and medium businesses, and No. 1 in worldwide workstation shipments. By the year 2000, had reached sales of $40 million per day and by 2001, Dell became the No. 1 computer systems provider worldwide. In 2006, Dell became the first in the industry to offer free product recycling for consumers worldwide. And in 2013, Michael Dell and the private equity firm, Silver Lake Partners, bought back Dell from public shareholders, becoming a private company once again. Between 1984 and 2013, Dell has designed, manufactured,

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